Scooter rental

Honda Scoopy 110cc

Honda Click 125cc

Honda Zoomer 125cc

Honda PCX 150cc


(for a duration of 24 hours)

Honda Scoopy

300 B

Honda Click

300 B

Honda Zoomer

300 B

Honda PCX

400 B


Open daily from 08:00 to 23:00. 


Necessary documents 

- To rent a scooter, we need to keep your passport (no copy) or a deposit of 40,000 Baht ($ 1,000 or € 1,000) as a guarantee in case of accident and theft.

- We remind you that you must have the motorcycle license of your country and your international license which are mandatory in Thailand in case of control by the police (minimum fine of 500 Baht). 


- The rental rate is per day, there is no rate per hour or half-day.

- If you rent a scooter for several days or several scooters, we give you a discount on the price.

- If you return the scooter later than the scheduled time, you will be charged a minimum of 100 Baht.


- Gasoline is your responsibility. 

- Before returning the scooter, you must return the gasoline to the same level as when you started renting it. A maximum of 140 Baht (full price) will be charged if it is not at the same level.

- The gasoline used by our scooters is Gasohol 91.

- It is better to do the gasoline in an official station (30 Baht / Liter) rather than the bottle (40 Baht / Liter). 


- We lend you free helmets for your safety.

- Helmets are also mandatory in Thailand (minimum fine of 500 Baht).


- All our scooters have an automatic gearbox (no clutch and shifter). 

- We remind you that in Thailand driving is on the left.


- Scooter owners do not have insurance for renting scooters to individuals in Thailand. You are therefore not insuring for accidents, thefts and fires on the scooters that you will rent. 

- You can still buy insurance for renting your scooter with local insurance companies.


- If you break something on the scooter, you have to pay the repair costs on your own. 

- If the scooter is broken more than 70%, you must pay the price of a new scooter is about 70 000 Bath minimum ($ 2,000 or € 2,000).

- Before leaving with your scooter, you can take pictures of the different scratches and impacts on the scooter to avoid any conflict.

Loss of materials

- If you lose the scooter key, you must pay 300 Baht to make a new key. 

- If you do not return the helmets, an amount of 200 Baht per helmet will be charged.